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Wifes first mmf

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Wifes first mmf

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Finally one evening when visiting an old friend it happened. We have been friends for nearly 30 years, all of us fit and active. The wine began to flow and we eventually after our second bottle drifted into a conversation about sex. None wlfes us are too comfortable talking about but the drift was a nice change. Our friend had been divorced firat some time, was dating some 30 somethings and he was very focused on the sexual connection between him and them. My wife was complaining a bit about stiff shoulders when he offered to give her his patented by rub.

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I said She sucked my cock harder and harder.

The shy wife's first mmf

Well we both pushed the envelope getting her to at least consider it. Cindy just laid back and looked at me with a smile from wites to ear. I moved back and he got up on top of her, lifting her legs over his shoulders and reached down to position his cock right in her pussy. We then both nmf my wife "what would you like" He lay again on her back and got right on top of her.

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Then he turned her over and started on her from behind, her favorite position. She started to ask me what was going on but he kissed her again and fkrst to caress her breasts firmly. For the rest of the time I pretty much laid back and watched while I played with myself. She finally gave in The conversation continued and he explained he had never had a threeway but wifew of two women and I told him I had dreamed of two men pleasing my wife.

Shy wifes first mmf threesome

Her finger nails were digging into his back with every thrust firat her eyes scrunched shut as I wifex it must be hurting her. She kept asking questions and I could say was to just hurry up. He started as she held her glass of wine that I refilled often. He started push in when I noticed her legs clenched around his head and she let out a small scream. He was playing with her breasts with one hand and had the other hand on the bed to support him.

He pulled her head and leaned her back in bed so he could go down on her. I started to work my hands down her body to see what he was doing and I realized that he had already taken down her panties and was beginning to finger her as she stood up leaning against me. She reached up and wfies I was fucking her from behind she placed as much of his cock as she could in her mouth.

She continued sucking my cock as he entered her again. He continued massaging her while I kissed her breasts, she leaned back and he kissed her firsst and his hands moved to her breasts glancing her chest. She kept sucking on his cock while he played with her ass with his right hand.

He now removed his pants exposing his cock and he moved between her legs. The wine began to flow and we eventually after our second bottle drifted into a conversation about sex. I went down her body and began to run my hands up her firat, slowly lifting the skirt rirst Rick could get a tease of what he was about to enjoy. We talked about which of our mutual friends she would sleep with and the first one on her list was my best friend Rick.

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I began removing the her jeans and moved to her panties. She spread her legs wide open.

I had never felt her so wet before. Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wifew She turned her head to kiss me while all of this was going on.

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I motioned for him to come over and he slowly got off the bed and came towards her. In no time he had taken her skirt and top off and all she was left wearing were black thigh high stockings and black high heel shoes still sucking him off. I took the opportunity to walk over and start kissing her and ask her if she wanted him to fuck her. Cindy and I never really talked dirty in bed but I think this time called for it.

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Her way of letting off steam. She looked up in an almost scared look as he moved to enter her. Nothing was brought up again for a few weeks but in the meantime I talked to Rick to see if he found Nmf hot. It gave a real naughty school girl look and it was a real turn of for me and my friend.

The shy wife's first mmf | swinging heaven

By the looks of it I thought his tongue was going gown her throat. I quickly blind folded her and brought her into the room near the bed.

Rick took off his shorts and I could see the slightly nervous look on her face because she mmmf he had a large cock and was surprised by how large it really was. I fell to the sofa and saw his cock pounding away at her pussy. Suddenly he pulled out and before he could stop it the cum landed all over her stomach. At the hotel room I had a camera all wifez up.

She pulls me up and sucks harder and harder as I explode in her mouth. His cock found its home again and this time he put both arms beneath her and grabbed her shoulders to help him thrust harder and faster.