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What to look for in a guy

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What to look for in a guy

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I p this women-are-mysterious sentiment arises fairly often guy to guy. You know, water cooler talk. But it was the first time I had been the recipient of such a declaration.

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Now that I know this is important to you I will strive to do better. Does he confess sin to other godly men?

They like things just a certain way, and that is what they want — period. Their mental real-estate is house after house of Me Myself and I.

Does he lash out with anger cor invalidate your emotions? The problem is that sometimes what the body wants — and what is good for us — are two completely different things.

10 things a woman should look for in a man |

If it were easy, then all marriages would last. You want a guy who likes to take charge, but if he is all about controlling everything, that is going to become very old, very quickly.

This looks like yielding to His word, being prayerful, living in community, and being committed to a body of believers. Sudden reverse of finances.

10 things a woman should look for in a man

The guy who you want to be with is someone who is motivated. Their phone calls become infrequent.

A diligent person can be counted on to provide. Men, strive to develop these qualities by trusting fully in Christ and submitting to His Spirit. They are the one to swoop flr and save you when you need them to.

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Hardworking Proverbs Another woman trying to feminize men. Is he following God in every area of looi life? Always looking out for your best, he is willing to fall on the knife to protect you if that is what it takes.

The guy you choose should be willing to share everything, not just his finances, but the responsibility for both the house and child rearing if you want to have a family.

What to look for in a guy: 20 things that matter beyond looks

They are a bigger bug in his ear than you think. The early moments with a person are the biggest predictor of future action. Here is mine. Not their words. No room on the block for anyone else. And then to do it.

10 of the most important qualities women look for in a guy

Is he part of a local church? Equality If you've ever felt less than or silenced in a relationshipit might be wjat your partner wasn't treating you as their equal. You are worth more than what you sometimes settle for. Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence is the capacity and ability to care for self and others. This is so incredibly unattractive.

The man of my dreams quickly became the man of my nightmares. The good news is, you can spot this habit right after meeting someone. You may whxt a damn good excuse: family drama, heavy workload, you caught 3 trains on the way to pick me up.

Willingness to have courageous conversations. Opposites may attract, but they have a much harder time staying together. As soon as I start expressing desires that contradict his, how does he yuy Or, more accurately, fear of being known and then rejected. This is definitely what to look for in a guy.

What to look for in a guy: 20 things that matter beyond looks

When something bothers him he tells me about it in a clear, straightforward sort of way. Christ should be the focus of his life. Being open to being influenced means the man shows awareness of his partner's emotions and needs, and responds to them. Men mature enough to separate me from them, to embrace self-reflection, to pursue growth with self and others, and to believe the best version of themselves is ahead.

7 things to look for in a man | the grit and grace project

That means that they not only make you feel good about yourself, llook they also push you to do things that you would not without the support they lend. Emotional availability is I know how to make space for you. If you're not familiar with the third part, Hendrix explains that it means you can count on him to be predictable, reliable, and that he's essentially someone you could rely on if you owned a whar together or had with him.

Honest 1 Corinthians A woman should be emotionally present while her ificant other is talking, and she should expect him to do the same in return. Who can stand in the space of discomfort and be present and available llook that space. Is it the mountaintop moments or the grit it took to get there?

10 important qualities of a good man - what women really want in a man

Find those really important qualities that may not seem like a big deal upfront. This insinuates a reputation. Does he go out of his way to gyy the whole truth in love? Does he listen to others and yield to wisdom? Is he generous and willing to share his possessions and time with others? Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to get the things that we want out of life. Afterall, he has a good side, and no one gets him like you do. When life throws you curve balls, which it undoubtedly will, you want to find someone for the long term who knows how to take lemons and make lemonade, not the opposite.