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Sonja bella

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Sonja bella

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My artworks hold a unique vibration of calm, healing energy that radiates out and connects with the viewer.

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Thank you for your support.

osnja Your delivery of the presentation was excellent. There were several folk who spoke to me after the presentation who said the strong take-home messages from your presentation would definitely be implemented.

We found your presentation to be of an extremely high standard, the content was well prepared and delivered in a professional manner, which made it easy for the audience to take in the information you provided. I have also helped to coach and mentor weight management consultants and business owners.

Sonja bella - fitrec

Your attention to detail and preparation were clearly demonstrated by your professionalism and confidence in your subject matter throughout your presentation and your ability to keep the audience engaged. They also saw the interaction you had with them enhanced the interest of the session.

My mandala practice is highly disciplined, with each artwork being meticulously drawn or painted. Sonja, we would love to have you speak again at out club. Each piece evolves from an intuitive process that relies heavily on my knowledge of de, colour and visual balance. EXP JUL A Bit About Me My career in the weight management industry spans well over a decade, during which time I have helped thousands of people to successfully regain their health and vitality using a multi-faceted and holistic approach to weight management.

We received excellent feedback from our member's after the event: each found it fun and enjoyable.

The dualism in my art practice is complementary and interconnected. This has directed me towards two art styles which are visually different but inspired by the same source of energy.

I had some tremendous feedback from many of the participants, which has encouraged me to pen this to you. My artworks hold a unique vibration of calm, healing energy that radiates out and connects with the viewer. On bellx personal note, I believe that your presentation was valuable for many of our small business participants.

Sonja bella, australian mandala artist, visual artist

In stark contrast, my abstract, gestural paintings are created with very little control over the medium. My art is a translation of energy and manifests primarily in a circular flow.

In addition, your presentation was professional, donja and delivered with passion and confidence. All my artworks hold the unique vibration of our time and are powerful symbols for connecting to the energy that exists around us. Also each individual mentioned different areas of your presentation that stood out for them, each person walked away with a positive feeling!