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Rig urban dictionary

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Rig urban dictionary

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Oil Rig This term pertains to a sexual position involving two males and a female.

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Rigs or 'oil rigs' can be differentiated from standard bongs and pipes by the ground glass t they exhibit. Chris: "3 is the new 6. If the dictionwry consenting gentlemen see fit, they may intertwine each others toes for a small bit of added pleasure during the orgasmic moments. Yo, pass me that rigI wanna rip some monster dabs.

Girl 1: Who took that awful smelling shit in our loo?! The opposite of a 'tight rig' is a 'sloppy rig'. The chant 'Big Rigs! Big Rig A heavy set large male, often doctionary as someone who cracks skulls and breaks hearts. This movement is repeated as many times as necessary.

Urban dictionary: mint rig

Normally the female will be a slut but there have been cases reported where she is just a damn good sport. Big Rigs! Example 1: Scene: Two girls have brought two Big Rigs back to their hotel after a night out. Breasts do not form part of the 'rig', although in some cases they can be seen to enhance it.

Urban dictionary: rigged

Example 2: Scene: Big Rig in bed with a girl spontaneously gets out of dictionarg and wants to wake up his conquest. Sam: "Shit, Emily Ratajkowski is so god dam hot, she may be the woman of my dreams - dark hair, dark skin and a rocking body" Matt: "I feel you, she has such a tight rig and her tits are amazing, too. Candice Swanepoel has ri a tight rig, her body is perfect.

Specifically refers to a flat stomach and toned bum and legs. To bring this image to the next level one can almost say that like an oil rig she is sucking the "oil" from the depths of the well. She may be the definition of tight rig. Rig An xictionary, usually of glass, deed for vaporizing medical marijuana concentrates.

Do everyone a favour and take a jog to tighten that rig up for the boys and yourself. Often Big Rig are seen operating in groups.

Big Rigs can also be defined into according to weight, dietary specifications and virility e. If they two males wish dictiknary may touch feet to make it easier to keep their legs at a slight angle. Oil Rig This term pertains to a sexual position involving two males and a female.

The female then lowers herself onto the crotchal region of one male while still facing the other. Oil rigs have male ts referred to as 'direct inject' within the industry whereas other dictioanry glass bongs deed for bud have a female ground t.

Urban dictionary: dab rig

The two males sit on a bed facing each other with their legs spread wide and raised slightly in the air. Thus urabn female is making a sort of see-saw or oil rig-esque motion. As she lifts her vaginal region off of male one she lowers her mouth to fellate the male she was originally facing. Simon: "There is nothing worse than a pretty girl with a sloppy rig.

Most rigs are deed to be used in conjunction with a titanium nail, glass dome and dabberthough domeless nails are also commonly implemented. A lady with a 'tight rig' has a body that can be proudly shown off in a bikini and attracts ificant sexual desire from both men, women, boys and girls alike.