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How to get to chiang mai from bangkok

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How to get to chiang mai from bangkok

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Gorgeous ancient wats and chedis — some of them dating back to XIII century — dot the city. Forest monasteries hide in the mountains and hills. Colourful markets bursting with OTOP products, flavoursome Northern Thai cuisine with unforgettable khao soi, welcoming and friendly locals and endless choices to live fromm unforgettable experiences, no matter whether you are just on a short 2 day visit or on a month-long trip. There is plenty to take in in Chiang Mai, from temples, museums, galleries and waterfalls, to quaint coffee shops, epic clothing malls and a unique night-life scene for party goers and music enthusiasts alike. You will enjoy Chiang Mai, that is for sure.

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You may as well choose travelling by day as the route is filled with beauty as it takes you through mountainous regions and sprawling countryside that often seem untouched by civilization when viewed from the windows of the moving train.

How to travel from bangkok to chiang mai

The Bangkok to Chiang Mai route is called the Northern Line and there are currently 6 trains per day, 2 of which are day trains. Related articles. It is worth considering flying to these towns as not every traveller is able to survive a seriously winding bangkkk from Chiang Mai to Pai and from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. Prices vary depending on the level of comfort of the bus.

Travel time depends on traffic and is from 60 to 80 minutes. We hope you found our information on getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai useful, remember that options, timetables and prices change baangkok so always do your own current research too.

How to get to chiang mai - akyra manor chiang mai hotel

Always agree on a price before you get on a taxi to avoid being overcharged later. Depending on the means of transport you choose, the whole journey lasts anywhere between 9 and 14 hours. There is plenty to take in in Chiang Mai, from temples, museums, galleries and waterfalls, to quaint coffee shops, epic clothing malls and a unique night-life scene for party goers and hod enthusiasts alike.

There are both fan and AC 2nd class sleepers, so check when you book. The latter is also served by A1 route.

How to easily get from bangkok to chiang mai | a travel guide [updated]

If you're a woman traveling alone, this could be a fun way to travel that also offers some extra peace of mind. The flight between the two cities is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long regardless of the airline you choose, with the main difference between budget and "regular" flights being the little details. Either book your ticket direct at the bus station, or through an agent commission will be added.

Coconut milk is used to soften the taste and make it less spicy. Check it out! Approx Baht bottom birth Approx Baht top birth. To get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok you can go by train, bus or plane. So what are you waiting for?

How to get to chiang mai from bangkok, thailand | joland

Combo tickets to the islands are also available from here. Taxis: There are plenty of taxis everywhere. There are many airlines that fly to Chiang Mai, but you would miss a beautiful trip that way. A few padlocks and extra precautions will definitely turn off thieves as it often takes too much effort to try to open it.

The red and white ones are good for trips within the city Grom per rideand the yellow ones will take you to some of the neighbouring Northern provinces.

How to get to chiang mai

Children to age of 12 must book a bottom birth, the bottom bunk is bigger than the top, both are comfortable. Reservations are now computerized, and the booking office at any main station can reserve seats or berths for any journey in Thailand. Staying in this area you will find micro-breweries and at cafes on one bank, Chinatown and local markets on the other. Sometimes weaving through timetables can be a little daunting, but Thailand is known for its friendly and helpful people.

A lot of tour agencies try to upsell you to get the VIP or deluxe bus-but really, they just put you on a regular one. All thoughts on this and on our website reflect our personal opinions. There are many different options for you to take when travelling by train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

You can buy train tickets from all major train stations, through agents, and online. Operating time is from 4. It is all wet for Songkran, which falls on April, 12—14, with revellers pouring water to each other and passers-by along the city moat.

Related Posts:. VIP buses offer a lot of upgrades for just a little more money—including a stewardess, onboard entertainment, bigger seats with more legroom, and frrom snacks. Cost of Trains to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.

These buses often have a bus stewardess that will give you a snack and a bottle of water for your journey. To get there, use airport shuttle buses routes A1 and A2. Bus 9hrs - 11hrs Alternatively, you can travel to Chiang Mai chkang Bangkok by bus. You need to book at least a day in advance to avoid any inconveniences.